When it comes time to christen your boat, there are a lot of ways you can go to pick a name. If you are a traditionalist, you may opt to name the boat for your sweetheart, wife or mom. Giving your vessel a female identity is something that boat captains have done for centuries. However, if you are interested in telling a bit more of a story with your boat’s name, here are some things to consider during your naming process.

How Does It Sound?

One way to pick your boat’s name is to simply say it. Does it sound weird or awkward when spoken out loud? Should you ever hear your boat’s name used over a loudspeaker or radio (you won a race or, heaven forbid, you need help from the Coast Guard), would it sound strange or just wrong to you?

Another way to cross names off your list is to check with various databases of boat names. If your area is already home to three Witchy Women, you might want to think again before adding a fourth.

Do You Want to Tell a Story?

Maybe you’ve had your heart broken, survived a tragedy or surmounted a major obstacle and you want to use your boat as your opportunity to share that tale with the world. Now is your chance to send your message out into the cosmos for all to know.

Some people like to pick a favorite song or album as the moniker for their boat. If you aren’t concerned about starting an across-the-marina war between Beatles and Stones fans, maybe your new boat would make a perfect “Dear Prudence” or “Ruby Tuesday?”

Finally, should your tastes run more to the mythological or legendary, you could opt for the name of a hero or heroine from a great novel or a god/goddess whose attributes you admire. Stepping aboard a vessel named The Muses has a nice ring to it, right?

Would It Get a Laugh?

If a drive up and down most beach roads is any indication, many people enjoy a good pun. The same holds true when it comes time to name a boat. Like the idea of your boat’s name bringing a smile to someone’s face? Then by all means start coming up with your best pun-focused name—Tide the Knot anyone?

In the same vein, you could opt for a name that is simply silly, something in the Zippy-a-dee-doo-dah vein. And if all else fails, and this isn’t your first boat, you can always slap a II behind the name of your previous boat. Think of it as a reboot for a previously beloved vessel.

funny boatnames (1)” by bert knottenbeld is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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