As the temperatures start to drop, you might be enjoying something pumpkin spice flavored, contemplating your holiday plans or even daydreaming about spring already. But have you thought about selling or trading in your boat? What you may not realize is that fall is a great time to do just that. Maybe you think that the warmer months are the best time to sell your boat, but there are several great reasons you should consider putting your craft on the market in the next few months. We explain why.

Skip winterizing

One great reason to consider selling your boat at the end of the summer season is you won’t have to winterize your boat or pay for storage while the water is too cold. Sell before winter sets in and you get to skip the work and expense of cleaning and preparing your onboard water systems and your engine for the winter months.

Increase its worth

What happens if you wait until spring to sell your boat? It becomes another year older. Simply put, your boat will be worth more if you sell it sooner, rather than later. Just like a car, each year you have it, its value depreciates a little bit more.

Get a deal

Sell or trade in your boat in the fall and you can take advantage of sales the dealerships may have going on. The salespeople may be more willing to negotiate, as showroom traffic has decreased. What’s more, they may also be looking to clear stock for the new models appearing in the spring. Fall is also a great time for boat shows. If you sell your boat now, you can capitalize on any incentives manufacturers may offer at these events.

Utilize your market

If you are lucky enough to live in an area where the temperatures stay moderate so that keeping your boat in the water year round is an option, you may also be a destination for so-called snowbirds. Why does this matter in terms of selling your boat in the fall? As these inhabitants arrive at their winter homes, they may be looking for a new toy to enjoy after their arrival.

Be ready for spring

And the best reason to sell or trade in your boat this fall? Then you will be ready for the coming spring with your brand new to you boat!

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